uDoc2Go converts uDoc files to HTML/XML, Help, and Word

uDoc2Go is a Windows software tool that converts uDoc content to these and other formats:

  • HTML and XML (XHTML, Flat XML, DITA, and DocBook)
  • Microsoft Word RTF (for Word 6, 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, and 2010)
  • On-line Help: Microsoft HTML Help, Eclipse Help, JavaHelp, Oracle Help for Java, WinHelp
  • OmniHelp, a browser-based Open Source cross-platform Help system (hosted on SourceForge).

uDoc2Go works on any Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 system with an Intel-compatible Pentium-level processor and at least 1GB memory. Development will continue as a SourceForge project.

Omni Systems is closed, so direct support for uDoc2Go is not available. For peer support, consider joining the uDoc2Go Yahoo group.

What is uDoc?

uDoc is a new document authoring format based on MicroXML. It is topic-oriented, like DITA, using maps to organize topics into projects. It is unlike DITA in that it has been designed from the ground up for ease of authoring. It does not impose rigid content models on your content; rather, it encourages you (but does not force you) to create structures that fit your own use cases, not IBM's from many years ago. We have put the uDoc format itself in the public domain.

The uDoc Specification, in uDoc (source docs and standard libs), OmniHelp, and Word formats, is available for download.

As part of this project, we wrote a MicroXML parser, described in Appendix D of the spec and also in this text file. We have provided a Windows exe (includes the readme) as a demo of it, and the source for it as a Windows DLL. The parser is FOSS under the Apache license, to permit commercial use.

In addition, we wrote a utility, udx, described in Appendix E of the spec. This utility transforms uDoc between its minimized-tag form, which is best for authoring and editing, and its fully-tagged form, best for XSLT processing. The conversion is very fast and lossless both ways. The Windows exe and the C++ source (including the MXL parser) are downloadable. The udx utility is also FOSS under the Apache license.

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